Vancouver, British Columbia

👋🏼 Hello there. I bring new features and products to market. I value customer research, market trends, and creative storytelling to deepen the customer experience and drive product adoption.

Currently, I'm carving a path for category creation and planning upcoming feature launches with a cross-functional team at Unbounce. We are helping small biz marketers pair their marketing knowledge with an AI-powered platform to form their highest-converting campaigns. I love figuring out the most effective way to position and market a product while connecting and resonating with the customer.

Previously, I was in advertising, where I played a crucial role in supporting digital strategy and campaign execution. I've worked with brands across several highly competitive industries, including quick-service restaurants, travel, telecommunications, and financial services. I implemented strategic initiatives for various clients throughout my career, with a track record of reaching new prospects and generating conversions.

I am a lifelong learner, a hiking enthusiast, and a beginner rock climber outside of working hours. I'm always excited to meet new people to talk about product marketing, go-to-market strategy, and product launches.

Thanks for visiting! 👩‍💻